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The Bondi Beach Accelerator is focussed on safety, fostering excellence in fast growth startups and early stage companies who fit the ethos and are ready to create jobs. Safety when swimming, on a worksite, as a child, or in foster care, is crucial for a stable and growing society. Australians are proud to live in such a safe and secure society.  Schools are a key starting position to instill a sense of safety in the next generation.

FOCUS: Safety Exportable Products/Services, Worksite Safety Automation, Tourism, Mental Health, Local Wealth Investment, Underemployment & Social Innovation.

Opening January 2017


Jobs near home are crucial to building and maintaining healthy towns in regional Asutralia. The NSW Regional Jobs Accelerator is geared towards conjuring and building local ecosystems of startups and innovation zones focussed on STEM products and services. Local partnerships, Businesses, Land Owners and Government involvement, has seen this program flourish, with schools, universtities and long term, multi-generational welfare families being the key.

FOCUS: Local Job Creation, Drones, Agricultural Technology, City-Country Partnerships, Long term wealth growth, Cross-Generational Relationships.

Opening February 2017


The Murray Darling Basin Accelerator will partner closely with Government Departments, local Enterprise and Universities to bring the work experience, skills and confidence to locals needing to create the next generation of bigger and better local employers.

FOCUS: Public Private Partnership, Globally Exportable Water Solutions, Youth Employment, Agri Tech.

Coming June 2017.